-My Corner In This World-

Hello my Lovelies!

Thank you for entering my reality, my corner in this vast world of literary work. I am an avid reader, writer and fan of many authors. I choose to claim this little piece to voice my honest, and transparent opinion of the different books, and pieces I encounter.

What do I believe? I believe that every author, writer, blogger, aspiring whatever, deserves a faithful reader to offer constructive critique and feedback. I believe in praising what needs to be praised and offering critique when I feel it is necessary. I have such deep respect in the art of writing a novel that my review will never come from an unkind and ingenuine (apparently I made that word up) place.

What do I like to review? EVERYTHING. I have several books on the docket to be reviewed, so please look forward to reading them and their reviews. I also several advanced copies that are being sent in the near future. I am looking forward to giving you guys a glimpse into a new world of books.

Am I writing? YES! I am in the intro stages in my first novel. I plan to give you guys a peek into my brain as this progresses. I’m excited in my character development.

*Please take a look at what I am reading and grab a copy to read along with me! Do the authors a favor and leave a review, follow and stalk (not really but you know friendly fan stalking) them on their social medias.*

I attempt to bring a whole lot of sugar and a bite of spice to this corner, and I sure hope you join me on this journey.

❤ Fiona


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