Finally writing my own story…..

I finally found the guts to put my stories down on “paper” (see: screen). I have several ongoing stories I have feasted on for years and always hesitated on writing. What if no one reads my work? What if I don’t finish? What if its not good enough? Then I realized…. …….who cares?

There are three people who have come along side of me recently, encouraged me, and deal with my shenanigans so that I actually put pen to paper (or keyboard… you get it, right?). So yes, there is a story forthcoming and I’m excited to share with you the characters who have lived in my head for so long.

I’ll start by giving you their name Chad & Hope. They’re the main protagonists in this story. A teaser to come when I reach my first 10,000 words. So stay on me folks, stay on me!

I hope this is exciting. If it isn’t, that’s ok too. I write for me, for my heart. I share because it may bring pleasure to others.

Until the next post – tata!

❤ Fiona

4 thoughts on “Finally writing my own story…..

  1. Stephen King, in his memoir On Writing, said, “The scariest moment is just before you start.” Congrats on making that leap and remember that the purest writing is that which is written for ourselves, not others. Good luck and I look forward to reading!


      1. You’re so welcome! I would highly recommend On Writing if you haven’t read it. Some interesting insight into both his life and process, as well as beneficial tips for writing.


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