Writing Update: Chapter 4

Wow, the last two weeks have been filled with so much that each event requires their own blog post. I hope to update everyone on the Apollycon experience once I am feeling better. Unfortunately, I have the flu which has limited my energy to read, write and edit photos. This post is about my WIP (work in progress).

I am into Chapter 4, but I keep returning to the first three chapters to edit and enhance characters, and situations. I am excited with how the story is coming along, but am questioning how good it is and will it bring readers into the experience and story of Chad and Hope.

I am considering bringing on an Alpha Reader or two to help bring the story along. I don’t want to get stuck in the mud of character development and not let the story flow. Anyone have any alpha experience? What are your thoughts on Alpha readers (basically read as you write) and then layering in Beta as the draft is complete? Is this overkill?

Thanks for helping this new writer out!

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