Review: Blood Laws (Immortal Curse Series Book 1) by Lexi C. Foss

516N-AtOFdL._SY445_QL70_Blood Laws is the first book in Lexi C. Foss’ Immortal Curse Series, a paranormal romance novel.  (Even if paranormal is not your thing, I highly suggest you keep reading.)

Stas is my kinda lady, sarcastic yet feminine. She has a bit sass (though she hates being referred to that), but the twist is that she has a unique psychic ability to influence others.

Isaac. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Isaac. He is here to avenge a wrong. He is handsome, successful and hard to resist.

The way Lexi weaves Stas and Issac together through a twist of suspense. This read is thoroughly entertaining. I read this in 24 hours.

Lexi C. Foss has a beautiful style that grips you from the beginning. The book is formatted to be easily read and the chapters are in good size lengths. This is important to me because I struggle with stopping mid chapter in any book.

Will I recommend this book to my friends? Absolutely. I will recommend to my friends who like romance, and insist that even if they don’t read paranormal to try Lexi a try. Her ability to keep you at the edge of your seat is addicting.

Will I purchase this book when it comes? Yes. Already one clicked it! You should too, or order the paper back.

Where can I get a copy? You can find a paperback and kindle version of this book on Amazon. The release date is May 2.

Where Can I Stalk Lexi C. Foss? (Visit her at my FTW Hall of Fame)




Until my next post – tata!

❤ Fiona



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