Author Spotlight Blog Interview: E Kay Sims

Hello everyone! I am so excited to share with you about E Kay Sims! She is one of my writing buddies. I really


Q: Tell us about yourself. Where are you from? Do you write full time?
EKS: I’m a retired US Air Force veteran, wife, mother and grandmother. I was born in Naples Italy; my father was a Marine stationed there. I’m a military brat so we lived all over. Now I reside in Oregon with my husband. I write part time. I’m a certified yoga instructor and T’ai Chi instructor and I teach yoga for veterans with PTSD. Someday I want to write full time.


Q: How did you get into writing?
EKS: I’ve always written stories from the time I and my sisters were very young. We wrote stories to entertain each other, especially when living in a foreign country, the television stations were not in English. In high school, my creative writing teacher encouraged me to write more stories after reading a story I had written for an assignment. She said, ” I know someday you will become a famous author.” I really didn’t believe her at the time. I’m not famous yet, haha. Years later after retiring from the Air Force, I went into commercial and community radio, writing and producing commercials and doing the voiceovers for them as well. I caught the writing bug again and played around with writing a novel. But it took me 13 years to get serious and now here I am, just finished my first book in a series of seven I plan to write.
Q: What does your writing space look like? Do you want to share a photo?
EKS: My writing space is wherever and whenever the mood strikes. It’s usually at the kitchen bar or sitting at my fold down secretary desk near the living room and sometimes it’s while taking a bath in my soaker tub. I even bring my laptop to the yoga studio and write between teaching yoga classes.
Q: Do you have a favorite book of your own? If not, which book was the hardest to write?
EKS: I’ve only completed writing my first book and working on book two. So right now, book one, Eve of Destruction is my favorite. So far, book two is the hardest to write because it’s about human and drug trafficking, which is never an easy subject to tackle. A lot of technical research is involved.


Q:Who was your most favorite character, and why?
EKS: SSgt Wyatt Powell is my favorite character. He’s gorgeous! He’s a giant of a man, at six foot five inches, he looks like a sexy as sin Viking. Powerfully muscled, strong, Alpha male, badass for sure. He’s very charismatic, not overly macho, a little old fashioned. He knows how to treat a woman like a lady and he’s highly skilled as a lover, putting his woman’s needs before his own. He is a warrior definitely first and foremost, with a strong, patriotic sense of duty and love of country. (He’s on the cover photo portrayed by model, Gideon Connelly)
Q: How do you deal with writer’s block?

EKS: I do research, and take notes for the book, and books in the series I’m writing. Or I call my technical advisor for his personal stories to use as inspiration. He’s a combat wounded purple heart recipient, retired Army Ranger from the 75th Ranger Regiment. Or I listen to music, take a walk, play with my dogs or granddaughters, watch a movie, those sort of things.
Q: Pick one of your books (if you have more than one), and if it were being made into a movie, who would play the lead roles? Why?
EKS: I’d choose Charlie Hunnam for the male lead because he’s how I picture SSgt Wyatt Powell/Dragon in my head, and who doesn’t love Charlie Hunnam? Or Chris Hemsworth, no explanation needed there. For the female lead, Scarlett Johansson because she is one of my favorites and she’s a badass female. I love her as the Marvel Comics character Black Widow. And she’s the same height as my female lead, Katica/Capt Eve Stone. Or Charlize Theron, because she’s another of my favorites and she plays badass females very well: Mad Max Fury Road and I can’t wait to see her latest film, Atomic Blonde.
If someone is brand new to your work, what book do you think they should start with?
Well, for obvious reasons, my first and only published book, Eve of Destruction, Book ONE and it’s the first in the Soldiers of Destruction Series.
Q: What would you like readers to take away from your writing?
EKS: That true love and even love at first site does and can exist. Love transcends time and even death. Good can still overcome evil. Never give up or give in. The world we live in was changed completely by technology and modern warfare. I want to give readers a glimpse into the military experience, military culture, the camaraderie, the bonds that are made between service members which make them closer than family could ever be. Also the sense of duty, honor, loyalty, patriotism and love of country. But also my book shows some of the uglier sides of the military as well; war, technology for evil purposes, rape, chauvinism, etc.
Q: Anything else you’d like to share with your readers?
EKS:I would like to express my gratitude for the the honor and privilege of sharing my words with the readers. I hope they enjoy the story of Wyatt and Katica as much as I enjoyed writing it. I hope to meet readers at future signings.

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