About Fiona

Fiona is a whole lot of sugar and a little bit of spice. (Can you tell by what she reads and writes about?) Fiona is passionate about reading, writing and supporting the industry that provides her with so much material to enjoy.

As an author, Fiona loves to write sweet romance. Conflict and emotion aren’t scary arenas to explore in her writing. Her writing timeline is filled with a lot of stories, so keep your eyes peeled for more books to come!

As a blogger, Fiona delivers her perspective on current trends, themes and movements in the indie (see: independently published) world of fiction, mostly romance. The world is massive and Fiona owns her own corner.

As a beta-reader and reader of already published work, Fiona is passionate about getting the word out for the authors she cherishes with authentic and transparent reviews. She is always open to adding more to her circle and is open to just about most any work of fiction, not simply romance.

A silly note – Fiona is camera shy, a picture to come, but she likes to wield a camera.

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