Review Changes: Screw the Stars

So. I’ve been chewing on how to change how I review books.

I hate the star system. It doesn’t capture the depth of my review. I may love the characters but not the POV. I may also hate the ending but love the story. How do stars capture that?

They don’t. For the sake of my blog I will have a standard set of questions at the end to sum up my feelings.

Not every book is for every reader. That includes me as a reviewer. I will follow Amazon and GR rules for stars but on my turf, it is my rules!

Finally writing my own story…..

I finally found the guts to put my stories down on “paper” (see: screen). I have several ongoing stories I have feasted on for years and always hesitated on writing. What if no one reads my work? What if I don’t finish? What if its not good enough? Then I realized…. …….who cares?

There are three people who have come along side of me recently, encouraged me, and deal with my shenanigans so that I actually put pen to paper (or keyboard… you get it, right?). So yes, there is a story forthcoming and I’m excited to share with you the characters who have lived in my head for so long.

I’ll start by giving you their name Chad & Hope. They’re the main protagonists in this story. A teaser to come when I reach my first 10,000 words. So stay on me folks, stay on me!

I hope this is exciting. If it isn’t, that’s ok too. I write for me, for my heart. I share because it may bring pleasure to others.

Until the next post – tata!

❤ Fiona

Review: Thirty Days: Part One by BT Urruela

My Rating: *****

I meant to write this on the day of release (Feb 28), but life got in the way. That evil day job just had to interfere in my love for books. I happened to be off on BT Urruela’s release day. I chose to spend a few hours in the morning to read it.


First, it ends in a cliffhanger, so I suggest those who get frustrated with cliffhangers to purchase Part One and then wait until Part Two is released. BT promises this is soon.

Second, clearly I liked this book. If I didn’t, I would not have reviewed it instantly on Amazon and I wouldn’t suggest you to buy it. I think you guys are in for a modern romance treat.

Gavin, the protagonist, is an author who is struggling with some demons. He hasn’t moved passed his past relationship and has isolated himself from society. As a result, his writing has faltered and his best friend, Bobby steps in with a challenge.

The challenge is simple. At least, it seems simple outright: 30 Dates in 30 Days. Move on from your passed relationship and get out of your own way.

This is a story about Gavin stepping outside of his comfort zone, and searching his own soul as he meets different woman.

It is funny, candid and faces mental health issues directly in the face. It is an appreciated and a down to earth approach to discussing these issues.

I can’t say too much or I will give the plot away, but Thirty Days: Part One is definitely worth the One Click on Amazon!

Where can you get yourself a copy? Amazon!






Head over to the Author Hall of Fame to learn about BT Urruela.

Until the next post – Tata!

❤ Fiona


Review: Saving Evangeline by Nancee Cain

savingevangelinecoverWOW! I finished this book on my kindle at lunch at my day job. What a great story by Nancee Cain.

Rating: * * * * *


Without ruining the plot, the story is about a rebellious (yet very lovable) angel (Remi) sent from heaven to save the soul of Evangeline (Evie). From the moment Remi is placed in the car by the bridge within moments of Evie’s choice, I didn’t want to stop reading. It is a story of courage, redemption, mental health, love and warm fuzzies and tears.


Nancee did an amazing job developing the two protagonists, Remi and Evangeline. I fell in love with Remi in the opening golf scene with God (read it and you’ll know.) Tongue in cheek, rebellious yet incredibly lovable, Remi’s pure heart shines through in this story. As frustrated as he gets, he wants the best for Evie. A true angel. Remi has officially made it to the Hall of Fame of characters.

Evie also is a fantastically written character. She is raw, yet sweet. There is romance and love in her soul, and you get to taste it with every interaction and thought process she possesses. Evie has made some bad decisions in her life, but she is not a bad person. Nancee does an eloquent job representing her in her story. She is vulnerable, raw and gritty and you want her to conquer her problems.

I cried, I laughed, I celebrated and I mourned all in the midst of this book. I was so moved how Nancee describes and grips the reader into the challenges of mental health, depression and suicide. I have serious kudos for Nancee taking on this challenge head on and doing it with such grace. You get a sixth star for this.

The story flows beautifully and you are quickly attached to the characters. I’m not one to spoil the ending for you, because you truly need to read this book. I look forward to reading more of Nancee Cain’s novels simply by her prose and story structure alone.

Remi is a winner. Truly. I ❤ Remi.

Where can you grab yourself a copy?

Head over to the Author Hall of Fame to find more about Nancee Cain.


Now my lovelies, I hope you guys have a wonderful evening, and until the next post – Tata!

❤ Fiona

-My Corner In This World-

Hello my Lovelies!

Thank you for entering my reality, my corner in this vast world of literary work. I am an avid reader, writer and fan of many authors. I choose to claim this little piece to voice my honest, and transparent opinion of the different books, and pieces I encounter.

What do I believe? I believe that every author, writer, blogger, aspiring whatever, deserves a faithful reader to offer constructive critique and feedback. I believe in praising what needs to be praised and offering critique when I feel it is necessary. I have such deep respect in the art of writing a novel that my review will never come from an unkind and ingenuine (apparently I made that word up) place.

What do I like to review? EVERYTHING. I have several books on the docket to be reviewed, so please look forward to reading them and their reviews. I also several advanced copies that are being sent in the near future. I am looking forward to giving you guys a glimpse into a new world of books.

Am I writing? YES! I am in the intro stages in my first novel. I plan to give you guys a peek into my brain as this progresses. I’m excited in my character development.

*Please take a look at what I am reading and grab a copy to read along with me! Do the authors a favor and leave a review, follow and stalk (not really but you know friendly fan stalking) them on their social medias.*

I attempt to bring a whole lot of sugar and a bite of spice to this corner, and I sure hope you join me on this journey.

❤ Fiona